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Doc’s Eco Eggs Is a New Fish & Coral Food Made from Freshwater Fish Eggs

Doc’s Eco Eggs is a new offering of freshwater fish eggs being applied for use in feeding corals and marine fish. The 1 to 2 mm diameter Doc’s Eco Eggs are very high in nutrition with a high concentration of protein, fat, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which makes it a great option for conditioning newly arrived aquarium fish or conditioning marine fish to spawn.

The light golden colored Doc’s Eco Eggs are neutrally buoyant in saltwater so they neither sink nor float but hover in the water column for easy capture by corals, and create a minimum of uneaten food when fed to small to medium aquarium fish. Maker of Doc’s Eco Eggs, Doctor Ecosystems, has packaged the new egg food in a squeeze tube in brine which does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened.

Doc’s Eco Eggs are packed into the 4oz tube like a paste which quickly releases the particles when added to water. Doctor Eco Systems’ Eco Eggs sell for $15.99 available online directly through their website and it is beginning to see distribution to brick n mortar aquarium stores. [Doctor Eco Systems]

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