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Doc’s Eco Eggs is a New All Purpose Food Made from Fish Eggs

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Brandon Klaus at AquaNerds


Doc’s Eco Eggs is a new all-purpose food from Doctor Ecosystems that has your fish, corals, and invertebrates square in its sights. Made from fish eggs, this almost gelatinous product quickly breaks apart in aquarium water into lots of individual, bite sized eggs that drive the fish nuts and have the corals desperately grabbing into the water column in hopes of grabbing a passing morsel. The paste of eggs comes packaged in a handy squeeze tube, which dispenses like a tube of toothpaste and allows for quick, clean feedings.



Doctor Eco Systems recommends breaking up the egg mass in a cup of water prior to feeding your aquarium, but we’ve found success in adding it in a different way. By squeezing a small dab onto your finger and dropping a glob directly into the tank, the egg gel tends to stay together longer, letting bigger fish and those hungry LPS corals get a much bigger bite. Small fish benefit more from breaking the eggs up in a cup of water prior to feeding, but either way, the food is versatile and none of your livestock will pass it up.

In terms of nutrition, Doc’s Eco Eggs have a guaranteed nutritional content of 25.4% protein, 2.54% fat, 0.5% Omega3, 0.3% Omega6, 58% moisture, and 0% fiber. These numbers were tested by Midwest Laboratories, Inc., and a full 7-page breakdown of the nutritional analysis can be seen on the Doc Eco Systems website.


Besides the eggs, Doc Eco Systems has a pretty well-rounded lineup that includes several other foods. We’ll get into each one of the foods individually, but the offering includes Doc’s Eco Bytes (live phytoplankton), Doc’s Eco Matter (live copepods and rotifers), and Doc’s Eco Egg Brew (a more fluid version of Doc’s Eco Eggs). Each of these products targets something different, for the most part, and they collectively target all types of feeders in a thriving reef tank.


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