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DocHi, I’m Doc from Doctor Eco Systems; I’ve been an avid hobbyist for 35 years and started Doctor Eco Systems because I, and the entire team here at Doc’s Eco, are committed to providing products that help mimic the environment in which our animals thrive in the wild so they have the best and longest possible life with us.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we do, we all experience a loss eventually. Not long ago I had the pleasure of acquiring the Flame Wrasse couple shown in the video below. I enjoyed that Wrasse couple for nine months, often spending the evening watching them with a glass of wine in hand, and then the male unexpectedly died and I was devastated. I knew I did a lot to give them a great life but I wondered if there anything else I could have done to prolong his life.


There are many reasons why fish and corals die including water quality issues, territorial disputes, species mismatch, inappropriate environments, illness, and likely nutritional deficiencies.

We want to do what we can to help other hobbyists tweak some or all of these to help best nourish their ecosystem, thus providing a better and longer life for its inhabitants.

We believe that nature is the most successful aquarist and if we can better mimic what happens in nature, we can vastly improve the experiences our fish and corals have during their time with us.

Here are a few observations I’ve made as an avid hobbyist:

  1. Successful aquariums have complete life pyramids, kind of like the circle of life. We know the top (fish) and pay some attention to the bottom with micro starter/maintenance cultures, but we often ignore the middle of the pyramid — the phytoplankton and zooplankton. Our Doc’s Eco Matter and Doc’s Eco Bytes products are both food sources and critical components of that middle tier.
  2. Why do fish lay millions of eggs with the expectation that only a very few would survive? The majority of the benthic (bottom) and pelagic (open sea) feeders in both the marine and fresh water environments consume eggs as a portion of their diet. That varies by species and seasons but it is an important constituent of a healthy diet. Our Doc’s Eco Super Eggs and Doc’s Eco Egg Brew fill this niche perfectly, providing more protein, fat, and Omega 3, 6, and 9s than any other product on the market. That said, we believe variety is extremely important and eggs should be a part of their diet, but not the only food source.
  3. Most fish are grazers eating constantly or whenever food is available and when fed our eggs, which can be fed several times a day in small quantities, our test and personal fish have a feeding frenzy; the eggs never reach the bottom of the tank they are eaten so fast! Check out some feeding videos.
  4. Fish and coral thrive in their natural environment but are difficult to breed or spawn in captive environments. We believe a large factor is lighting. Nowhere on the earth is any coral reef under full sun all day every day. We believe that recreating a normal light environment with dawn/dusk, cloud coverage, and lunar cycles is critical to the best life of your ecosystem’s inhabitants. We’re working on providing you a solution that will allow you to mimic the weather in the native environment for your tank, be it the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, or the Gulf Coast.

I still miss that amazing Flame Wrasse in the image above, but I now keep a trio of Flame Wrasses that have an amazing life. Their tank is fed routinely with our live products and eggs, their lights are programmed for dawn/dusk, weather (cloud cover), and follow a normal lunar cycle, and my water parameters are perfect. Because of all of this, my trio routinely spawn — something that is virtually unheard of in hobby captive tanks.

Our goal is to help you achieve this level of success with your tank. Interact with us on Facebook or send us a quick note and tell us what your issues are and we’ll tell you if and how our products and experience can help.

We look forward to many years of innovation and helping hobbyists like you achieve a more natural and thriving ecosystem.

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