Live Food

Establishing a new ecosystem? Want to revitalize your current system? Our proprietary blend of copepods, rotifers, and phyoplankton are the building blocks for your ecosystem's food pyramid. These critters will populate, grow, reproduce, and nourish your entire system!

Saltwater Fish

We understand the unique needs of home marine ecosystems; from their setup to maintenance and everything in between. Our goal is to help hobbyists have better experiences. With our unique products you can provide the best life possible for your entire tank.

Freshwater Fish

While we specialize in marine solutions, we also have extensive freshwater experience. We produce one of the highest quality freshwater foods available -- and you won't find it anywhere else. From bettas to goldfish to neon tetras, they all love our Doc's Eco Eggs!

Corals & Invertebrates

Corals and other invertebrates are often misunderstood, especially when it comes to feeding. Our nutrition rich foods cater to their unique needs, from the size and shape of our Eco Eggs to our gut loaded Eco Matter, we have something for everyone.

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I saw Eric made a post and thought I send pics over. Surgery went real well. Seem to fix everything and now just have to recover from the surgery part. Thanks to everyone who has sent emails and text it means a lot. Matt ...

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As most know Matt has been out for a few days with cervical spine surgery and we didn't realize the website went down during that period. (go figure) Sorry for the inconvenience and it is back up and working. Matt is doing great and will be back in the office in 2-3 weeks hopefully. ...

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